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From My Friend Emma. Advice on Acid Reflux

It’s generally because you don’t have enough acid rather than too much so the body overcompensates. Generally in my case bought on by beer…
I find that organic apple cider vinegar knocks it on the head.. I make my own (shines halo) from manky old apples that have fallen from my tree, chop roughly, don’t worry about the skin or any blemishes and then steep them in a huge bowl of water which is slightly lukewarm and a teaspoon of sugar. You leave it to ferment for a week covered over with some muslin cloth or a teatowel or something to stop spiders or scorpions falling in….. then you drain off the apple pieces and chuck these away because by now it will all stink like a tramp and you then leave the liquid to sit for two weeks until it develops a skin on top. This is the best bit and is called MOTHER OF VINEGAR.. stop me if you know this already.
Anyway, the mother of vinegar or MOV as we like to call it in the world of making your own cider vinegar… is the bit with all the good stuff in. You can scrape this off and make more vinegar rather like a sour dough starter, or just bottle up the liquid into sterile jars or whatever….
Go to the market and buy a bottle of cider vinegar. It’s probably a lot easier:)
Take a teaspoon of this every day morning and evening.
And don’t drink beer.
That should help.

Eat these words.

There are some books that I’ve come across that I wish I could give every single person I know

or perhaps force read it to them

 Defiant Daughters is definitely worth a browse but

Carol J Addam’s The Sexual Politics of Meat is a MUST !


it makes the HOUSE OF CARDS very viscerally, this book and it’s associations.

Those Ribs play a bigger part in the series outside race, culture and history.

Happy Reading , Watching and consuming.

Better Butter, Better Bread, Better Food etc

First off, Sorry.

I’ve been away for ALMOST a year and in that year I’ve been reassessing everything that

I’ve been consuming, buying and supporting with my dollar.

Thought I’d share some really interesting tips and tipsters that have helped me

clean up my diet , hopefully bad agri business and the environment.

The FoodBabe blog and facebook page is absolutely essential if you are seeking clear and well researched product information.

She is superbly thorough and really helpful in almost everything I find to be important. rainforest

Foreign Smells

when I grew up in brown country malaysia

even as a brown individual – I was smelly

I wasn’t sure what I smelt of,  but that was

still the case.

I am not a fighter. I was a hermit.


When I moved to my first new york city

dorm – a very white person had the priviledge

to declare – what the hell is that stink –

when I was in the kitchen over the stove…

heating cambell’s tomate soup..yeah

I still don’t know what to make of

that other then the bitch was a nazi.

Again, I am not a fighter , I am a mover.


when I moved in with my cousin that

was raised in Buffalo , who was

half culturally ‘malaysian’ and

half culturally ‘indian’ he always made

a big fuss about me cooking fish.

He hated the smell and would constantly

tease me for being…something else.

I am not a fighter , I am a passive-player.


Then I moved to brooklyn .

And I never stopped cooking,

I cooked whatever the fuck I wanted to.

I had a circle of people

that loved food, loved adventure

loved other cultures. I still

was a pariah of sorts, but

now I was one that cooked

a good sambal now and then.

I am not a fighter, I am a lover.

and Watching Eddie Huang was a great revelation and I loved it.